Living In Your Car

EPISODES: 21 x 30 mins

Steve Unger used to be rich and powerful. Now he lives in his car. A fallen corporate exec, Steve was caught cooking the books and now finds himself legally forbidden from working in any position that involves “other people’s money”.

Clinging desperately to the last vestige of his former self—his luxury sedan—Steve hopes to begin anew. Shunned by family and friends, under court order to teach an ethics class to other “fallen angels”, Steve now makes his home inside his 2004 Mercedes S430.

LIVING IN YOUR CAR is a half-​hour single camera comedy about Steve Unger’s new life in the strange and precarious land of car dwellers. Though initially Steve breaks all the “car living” rules (parking in the wrong place, getting hassled by the police, getting towed) eventually, with the help of the other car dwellers he meets, he begins to settle into this new and strange sub-​class.

Nominated for a Rose d’Or, LIVING IN YOUR CAR is an original comedy with a fully unique voice, telling the unpredictable, often hilarious and sometimes endearing, riches to rags story of Steve Unger, a man who was once viewed as the embodiment of success and who is now widely looked upon with contempt and pity.

John Ralston, Ingrid Kavelaars, Mariah Horner, Colin Cunningham

Debbie Nightingale, George F. Walker, Dani Romain, Nuno Bernardo & David Steinberg
George F. Walker, Dani Romain, Joseph N. Kay
Debbie Nightingale and Norman Denver
Alyson Richards, Joseph N. Kay, Stephen Paniccia
David Steinberg, Bruce McDonald, Paul Fox, Henry Sarwer-​Foner and Shawn Alex Thompson
George F. Walker, Dani Romain, Joseph N. Kay and Courtney Walker
HBO Canada
Shine Reveille